What does buying a license get me?

A warm awesome fuzzy feeling that you’ve supported a small development shop. In reality the only limitation of the unregistered version is a watermarked image added to one of the sheets in the final output.

We believe all developers should have access to great tools so while we made add a few more things such as small delays or additional watermarked sprites we will never ever limit the feature set of the free shareware mode.

Can I upgrade my Zwoptex 1.x license?

Unfortunately you’ll need to buy a full 2.0 license. We’re only a tiny little company and we feel that the price is worth what we’re giving you. You are free to use the Shareware version commerically with the watermark image.

Can I still download Zwoptex 1.x?

You sure can though we recommend at least using v1.6.0 which you can grab download here.

Do I need a site or individual license?

Our site licenses are intended for larger development studios with more than 15 full time developers. Otherwise we encourage you to purchase an individual license for each of your team members.